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Safety, in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of mankind, and that’s exactly what Pro Security believes in. As the name suggests PRO Security strives to provide a professional reliable & organised top-notch Security Service. Additionally, Pro Security serves as a housekeeping and maintenance services provider in PAN India, ensuring pristine upkeep and cleanliness for residential and commercial spaces alike.

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Housekeeping is a key vertical for PRO Security Services. To provide superior customer service, we recruit the right kind of people (after conducting appropriate pre-employment checks), train them, and continue to manage them and motivate them continuously. Our expertise in the industry makes it possible for us to complete the tasks as efficiently and perfectly as possible in the shortest time frame with the use of innovative solutions, latest technologies, and modern equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our housekeeping and maintenance services Provider in PAN India.

Vacuuming and deep cleaning of common areas of housing societies, corporate and commercial buildings.

General cleaning of tiles, floors, common furniture, walls, kids’ play zones, and all other important areas.

Sanitization and antimicrobial therapies to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that are prone to deadly diseases.

Proper cleaning and sanitization of toilets and shower areas. Day-to-day disposal of garbage.

Managing all sorts of outdoor chores, such as removing dry leaves, checking the manhole for proper drainage system, sweeping, washing of doors and windows.

Prosecurity provides professional housekeeping and maintenance services for houses in PAN India with well trained and motivated workforce to meet customer satisfaction. Our primary services include vacuuming, thorough general cleaning, and routine maintenance of housing societies, corporate, and commercial houses. Some of the services that we offer include deep cleaning and the use of antimicrobial treatments to eradicate pathogens. Toilets & Shower care, which includes cleaning and sanitation as well as the proper disposal of garbage is also included. Visit Trust Prosecurity now for the best housekeeping and maintenance services in PAN India with advanced technologies and equipments.

housekeeping and maintenance servieces Provider in PAN India
Housekeeping maintenance thus means a continuous, daily, or regular process of cleaning, Waxing, painting, repairing, etc of a house or building or any place. It encompasses mundane operations like washing, tidying up, and caretaking of the physical surroundings to eradicate incidences of unhygienic conditions, accidents, or inconveniences to occupants or users.

Housekeeping services refer to the supply of clean and maintenance cleaners on a contractual basis for residential, commercial, or institutional settings. Such services consist of some activities such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing and cleaning, and organizing the area as required.

The 7 rules of housekeeping are fundamental guidelines that promote cleanliness, safety, and efficiency in any environment:

  • Cleanliness: Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment with no food particles lying around.
  • Orderliness: Ensure perpendicular arrangement of companies and goods. Safety: Make sure that there are no risks or hazards in every area and position.
  • Regularity: Ensure cleaning and overall maintenance of the facility and equipment are done on a specific routine schedule.
  • Training: Instruct employees on how to properly clean and the standard precautions to follow in case of accidents.
  • Discipline: Ensure compliance with housekeeping rules/regulations/guidelines/standards.
  • Documentation: They should also maintain records in cleaning schedules, inspection checklists, and events where injury or harm was sustained.

Housekeeping services can be broadly categorized into two types:

  • Residential Housekeeping: Cleaning and sanitation services where needed by single homes or groups of homes or apartments.
  • Commercial Housekeeping: Special offerings for business establishments such as service offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, and any other organization to maintain the cleanliness and order of their employees, customers, and guests.

A housekeeping service is any type of cleaning and or maintenance that may be required to keep an area or building in the state of cleanliness and hygiene that is required. These may involve assuming generalized cleaning services such as wiping surfaces, sweeping, vacuuming, disinfecting surfaces as well as tidying up the environment. Housekeeping is the process of maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of a particular space in addition to enhancing the building’s safety and appearance for occupants or users. The requirements of the clients, their daily/weekly schedules, and special cleaning demands may cause service providers to provide packages that will suit their clients.