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Safety, in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of mankind, and that’s exactly what Pro Security believes in. As the name suggests PRO Security strives to provide a professional reliable & organised top-notch Security Service. We also offer Unarmed Guards in Noida and Greater Noida, ensuring comprehensive protection with a focus on deterrence and proactive security measures.

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For spaces that require constant vigilance and thorough inspection, patrolling becomes an indispensable aspect of maintaining security. Our unarmed Marshals at Pro Security are rigorously trained to perform a wide range of duties to ensure the safety and security of your premises. Whether it's routine patrols, emergency response, or specialized services, our team of dedicated professionals is equipped to handle every situation with precision and care. Contact us today to learn more about our services with Unarmed Guards in Noida and Greater Noida.

One of their primary responsibilities is to monitor CCTV cameras with keen attention to detail. They are skilled in identifying suspicious activities and potential security breaches in real-time. By constantly surveying camera feeds, our Marshals can detect irregularities swiftly and initiate appropriate responses to mitigate risks. Their ability to interpret surveillance data effectively plays a crucial role in preemptive security measures.

In addition to remote surveillance, our Marshals are proficient in conducting physical inspections of visitors using the latest security devices. They are trained to operate metal detectors, X-ray scanners, and other advanced screening tools to ensure that no prohibited items enter your premises. These thorough inspections help maintain a secure environment while also providing a welcoming and professional presence to visitors.

When it comes to dealing with unauthorized individuals, our Marshals are equipped with the skills to restrain trespassers effectively and safely. Their training includes techniques for non-violent restraint and conflict resolution, ensuring that any situation is handled with minimal disruption and maximum safety. They are adept at maintaining control in potentially volatile situations, ensuring the security and safety of all individuals on the premises.

Fire emergencies are another critical area where our Marshals excel. They receive comprehensive training in fire safety protocols, including the use of firefighting equipment, conducting evacuations, and coordinating with emergency services. In the event of a fire, our Marshals act swiftly to manage the situation, guiding occupants to safety and minimizing potential damage. Their expertise ensures that emergency procedures are carried out efficiently, protecting both people and property.

Prosecurity offers both armed and unarmed guards in Noida and Greater Noida who are professional in defending your property. Our unarmed guards are well trained in surveillance of closed circuit television, analyzing any string or suspicious movements and preventing risks as they happen. They carry out intensive physical searches that involve the use of enhanced security gadgets to enhance security for everyone. Well trained and possessing courteous, non aggressive demeanor our ‘unarmed’ security personnel deal with intruders efficiently and non lethally. To get the best and professional unarmed security personnel in Noida and Greater Noida please contact Trust Prosecurity for its excellent service in securing your property and your people.

Unarmed Guards in nodia and Greater Noida

An unarmed security guard simply refers to an individual who is a security guard and is not trained, armed, or authorized to use a firearm. These guards provide services like security patrols, video or alarm monitoring, identification checks, and entry control. They use training received and observation skills relevant to communication to control security concerns. Noida and Greater Noida have many unrest security guards who serve in residential areas, offices, malls, functions, etc.

Security guards are often unarmed for several reasons:

  • Risk Level: A lot of settings are not prone to ‘armed confrontation,’ and unarmed security personnel can easily assist in maintaining order than when one is armed.
  • Cost: The use of armed guards comes with added costs since they are required to undergo training, and obtain licensure, and insurance.
  • Regulations: Some jurisdictions are quite restrictive when it comes to who can possess deadly weapons such as firearms and where they can be applied.
  • Public Perception: The guards without holding any weapon might be considered harmless and friendly and, therefore, could create the needed safety feelings without imposing authority.
  • Focus on Prevention: Partially, this can be attributed to the fact that unarmed guards adhere to the processes of deterrence, surveillance, and reporting, which are appropriate in most instances.

They pointed out that the wages for a security guard at SIS (Security and Intelligence Services) depend on place of work, experience, and job description. For an SIS security g uard in India, the starting salary usually starts from ₹ 10,000/ — ₹15, 000/- per month. This may rise with time, training, and the ability to secure a better ranking within the company. Thus, wages generally are the same for any Unarmed Gruads Noida or Greater Noida.

The use of an effective weapon by a security guard depends on the nature of the security job in question and the laws governing that area. Common options include:

  • Baton: A device that is employed in an attempt to prevent harm and manage undesirable circumstances.
  • Pepper Spray: Practical for the purpose in which it is used in repelling incoming forces while not involving any loss of life.
  • Taser: It can be used as a self-defense tool to distract an attacker, and allow time to escape.
  • Flashlight: Provides light to a situation and, if that is not enough, offers a direct approach with a bludgeon.
  • Firearm: Allowed only when required by law and when it is deemed necessary for situations that are very high risk.

A traffic marshal, also called a banksman, is an individual who is authorized to control traffic movement and pedestrians, particularly in construction areas, events, or crowded places. Their principal functions are to guarantee security and proper traffic management on roads. Key responsibilities include:

  • Pretending to be in control of vehicles to avoid the occurrence of traffic incidents or congestion.
  • Efficient routing of the technique of channeling traffic to intended zones
  • Closely monitoring and maintaining security in areas near the movements of vehicles
  • Hand signaling, signaling with their hands, and other pedestrians and other signals will also require drivers to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians based on the signal.
  • Carrying out the safety checks and meeting with the set down regulations.

Security guards must adhere to several fundamental rules to perform their duties effectively:

  • Vigilance: To observe any security threats that may occur, it is necessary always to remain vigilant and mindful.
  • Professionalism: Adhere to conventional behaviors and grooming found in business environments such as dress code, language, etc
  • Compliance: Compliance with all the legal requirements and procedures, company guidelines, and rules adhere to S.O.P (standard operating procedures).
  • Communication: This contains the reporting of accidents, anything suspicious, and any security threats as soon as possible to management and authorities.
  • Integrity: Commit to dealing with facts and being ethical in business and other dealings, refraining from any vices such as embezzlement .